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Your hosts Danny (Miami Dragqueen Blamie Forret) & Devon (Creator of GetMeTheRecipe vegan blog) give candid, funny and unfiltered insight & advice about navigating the world as imperfect vegans doing their best. They debunk vegan myths, help you create a delicious diet on a budget, give you a survival guide to dealing with non-vegan relatives, help you with meatless Monday & discuss their own challenges/successes beyond veganism in topics including coming out, sobriety, sex, mental health, relationships& much more. Laugh & cry with them as they offer recipes for the kitchen & recipes for life.

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Welcome back to another episode! This one is really silly and we had so much fun. ?We start out with Danny’s vegan news and it transitions into a funny story from Devon about college. ?Then Devon shouts out her friend Khadijah and her business The Nile List for making VegNews. ?They then move into talking about how bad veggie burgers were growing up and the dreaded times they had to eat them. ?Devon talks about the first veggie burger and Danny finds out her shocking favorite meat from when she was a kid. ?They move onto talking about the best meat replacements that are on the market today and Devon rounds out the episode with a recipe for her special vegan burgers. ?We hope you love it and please rate, review and subscribe!

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