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Have you ever found yourself wanting to try making a new meal for dinner or to prep your lunches for the week, and after consulting google and clicking on a link, encountered massive ad space and a long story before you even see what ingredients are needed? I have, and it leaves me frustrated and wanting to yell “Get me the recipe!”

Time is precious, and I know that ease and access to what is necessary for making your meal is important; this blog contains dozens of original vegan recipes created by me or family members, and will give you the information you need right away. Each recipe has enough detail to work as an exact map, but can also serve as a jumping off point for you to start, and then use your creativity. Cooking is my favorite creative outlet and I want you to be able explore different avenues to see what works best for YOU. Food is such an important, exciting and wonderful part of life, and you should be able to enjoy it, enjoy making it, and do so with ease and efficiency which I hope you will find here.

For those who don’t have time to scroll, make this your home base and one stop shop for any new recipes you need. I truly hope you enjoy the food you are about to make, and that you enjoy all your new found free time!

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**A huge and heartfelt thank you to David Moran for being my food taster, photographer and hype-man, who continually supports me and this project with so much positivity. Thank you to Rowen Moran and Lauren Boggio for patiently taking dozens of photos and helping with editing. Thank you to Michael Moran for believing in me, giving me the space to begin cooking 10 years ago, and always instilling the value of hard work. Thank you to Rozzie Moran, who was the first person I told about this project when it was just an inkling of a thought and who encouraged me from that moment on. Thank you to Johnna Shura, who has been the most amazing friend and always been so happy to eat my food, and still encourages me from across the country. Thank you to Aimee Oullette for seeing the best in me and believing in me before I believed in myself. Thank you to Doc Cass for letting me cook breakfast at the hostel for thousands of people for all of those months. Thanks to Richard Moran for believing in me, and to Dan Collins for getting me interested in Vegan cooking in 2016, and telling me I could do this. Also, thank you to my mom, Christan Moran, who I wish was here more than anything but I can feel her around all the time. And thank you to YOU for being here!

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