All of these recipes are plant-based, mainly because I am a vegan and I have been since 2018. I learned a lot about the lifestyle and benefits from my siblings who all went vegan during years prior, and after doing some research and realizing that the best way to reduce my carbon footprint was to go plant-based, I didn’t feel I could truly call myself an environmentalist while still eating animal products.

In order for something to be considered vegan it cannot contain any meat, eggs, dairy, fish or honey. It has been really empowering and interesting for me to learn to cook using various substitutes, and it has allowed me to be even more creative than I ever have been in the past. If a vegan lifestyle isn’t for you, no judgement. I still think you will get a lot out of these recipes and see how delicious a cream sauce with coconut milk can be, and maybe use that sometimes instead of a traditional one. Maybe not, and that’s ok too.

My main reason for starting this website was to offer its patrons convenience and ease while recipe searching, but I also have to know that the recipes are delicious and are good for you. If you are trying to eat less meat, maybe this is your go to place for the day of the week you are meatless. If you are thinking about going vegan and nervous, please, take all the time you need and checkout how many options there are out there. Maybe you will never go vegan and love to eat meat every day, and you’re welcome here too and I hope you find something you like. I don’t think anyone can go wrong with the spinach and pine nut gnocchi, so give that a try.

Whatever brought you here, I am glad it did and I am so honored that you are trusting me to help you create your meals. Food is one of the best things about this beautiful world, and we should enjoy it as much as possible.

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